Hate Being Sick

I’m sick AGAIN in June.  The past 5 years, it seems that for most, if not all of, June I’m sick.  Twice with Pneumonia (2012 & 2015).  Now THAT’S not a nice sickness.  First time I ever had it in 2012.  Fever, horrible chills, coughing, inability to take a full breath.  The second time…no chills, but wish I had them!  I was SOOO hot that I could hardly stand it & I was getting no relief whatsoever.  It was pretty horrible.  It had gotten so bad that time, because they couldn’t hear the pneumonia in my lungs.  After I spent a hellish weekend in misery, I went to the doctor on Monday (my ex took me).  My temp was 103 & I seriously felt like I was going to die.  The doctor sent me to the hospital for chest x-rays (because they STILL couldn’t hear it in my lungs) & it also didn’t show anything.  But then they tested me for a blood clot (by blood work I’m assuming) & it showed positive for that.  So that’s why they ended up doing a CAT scan…which showed them I didn’t have a blood clot, but that I had pneumonia in my lower left lung.  They gave me ONE pill & that fever was outta there.  THANK GOD.

The reason I’m talking about this now is because I, out of nowhere, woke up with a cold on June 1st. That pretty much only lasted a few days.  I felt not too bad on the 5th. THEN on the morning of the 6th, I wasn’t feeling great, but had to go pay a few bills.  Well that was all I got done that day.  I had such bad stomach cramps, throwing up, etc. I won’t gore you with the details.  I pretty much slept most of the day on the 5th & a lot of it on the 6th.  I have to confess that I smoke weed every now & then, mostly to help me sleep.  I smoked it those 2 days, because it made me less nauseous & dulled the stomach cramps a bit.  I live in Colorado, so not admitting to anything illegal. LOL  My temperature is usually only around 97.5* (I don’t know where the degree button is, so using the asterik.;)).  If it gets up into the 98* range, then I have a LITTLE bit of a fever.  I have only been getting fevers when I am starting to get or already have pneumonia.  It’s been up to 98.4* a couple of times, but it’s been staying around my “normal,”  So can’t really tell yet.  But since the nausea & stomach pain are now gone (knock on wood!), I have been coughing more because I have “crap” in my chest.  So nasty. Guess I hadn’t paid attention before because the stomach issue was so bad AND I was laying down a lot.  Now that I have been up & moving around some, the coughing with the phlegm is more noticeable.  I definitely don’t feel 100% yet. I keep taking my temp, but it’s back & forth.  I may see if I can get into see my doctor tomorrow sometime.  The weekend is coming up again & I don’t feel like dealing with another weekend like the last time I had pneumonia.  I’m hoping that it’s not that & that I will feel better soon.


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