I am soooo tired today that I can’t stay awake!  I even got up  & took a shower, which usually helps.  I’m tired daily, but not THIS tired.  I have been feeling blah since last Friday.  Went to Grand Junction (a few hours away) with mom over the weekend to see my youngest sister & spend Easter with them.  All went well, except I didn’t feel all that great.  Nothing specific, just a feeling of not “being right.”  On Easter, my blood sugar dropped again while we were at a store.  I bought some cookies & went to sit out in the truck & wait for mom.  My blood sugar at that time was 69.:(  I don’t know why it’s dropping like that.  Now I have a sharp shooting pain in the middle of my back that comes & goes.  I  know I’m being a pain in the butt with my bitching, but I’m soooo damn tired of not feeling right.  I need to help my youngest son with his homework today.  He may just have to come in my room & sit on the bed.  That way I can kinda lay down while I’m helping him.  The rest of the time, I’m sure I will be sleeping. Feel lazy when I do that.  Also feel like I should be doing something else..being productive.

I started taking Zantrex-3 (red pill) on Monday (17th).  I only take 1-2 a day right now until I get used to it.  That helps a LITTLE with the energy, but not a lot right now.  I have to be careful what I take, because I have a history of panic attacks & don’t need some diet pill causing those.  I was looking into taking the Zantrex Black, but from what I read about it & testimonials, it didn’t sound like something that I really wanted to try.  I ate a ton of food the 3 days I was in Grand Junction. 😦  I hate when I do stupid shit like that.  So today, I’m 307.8.  Was a bit higher than that when I first got home on Tuesday.  I have been between 301 – 309 for over 6 months now.  It’s time to get OUT of the 300’s for good.

I dyed my hair a “Deep Intense Auburn.”  It actually looks pretty good.:)  I was kinda freaking out at first, because I have been dying my hair blonde for over 20 years, but it’s all good now. 🙂