1. What is your name?   Tammy
  2. How old are you?  47…which I still find pretty crazy.
  3. When is your birthday?  August 31, 1969
  4. What astrological sign are you?  Virgo
  5. How tall are you?  5’8
  6. What color is your hair?  Auburn Brown now…closer to my original hair color. LOL  Decided to quite dying it blonde, which I have done for 20+ years!!  Also have had blue, pink, purple…IN MY 40’s!!!  LOL  Mid-life crisis is what I claim.;)
  7. What color are your eyes?  Green
  8. Do you wear glasses?  Yes  
  9. Are you thin, average or overweight?  I’m overweight, but in the process of losing it.  My highest ever was 350 lbs!!  Got down to like 286, THEN got back up to like 325…at around 302 at the moment.  Not for long though!  Time to lose this weight!!
  10. What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear?  Curves Crush usually, but a couple of others every now & then.  Can’t remember what they’re called & too lazy to get up & go see. LOL  Hey it’s like 1:00 am give me a break.
  11. Where are you from?  Colorado & still here
  12. Are you married or have a gf/bf?  I was married for a total of 12 years.  Have been separated since August 2009 & divorced since December 2010.  No boyfriend.
  13. Do you have any kids?  I have 3 teenaged sons.  Phillip will be 19 next month, Dominic will be 15 on Saturday & Matthew is 13.
  14. Are your parents still alive?  My dad died in January 2001…miss him  a lot.  My amazing step-dad died in July 2013…still having a hard time getting past that. My mom is still alive & is 67.  We’re close & I love her immensely.  She has always been there for me.  
  15. Do you have siblings?  I have 2 younger sisters.  Beverly is 43, Cindy is 38.  I also have step-sisters Nita (from my dad’s 3rd marriage) & Theresa (from my step-dad) & a step-brother, Daniel who is Nita’s brother. Oh yeah & a half sister (from dad’s 1st marriage…my mom was his 2nd wife) Lori.  I don’t talk to her.
  16. Do you have any pets?  No
  17. What are your favorite colors?  Neon Pink, Green, Blue & some Purples
  18. What are your favorite foods?  I’m easy to please.  I love hamburgers.  Definitely my fave food.  Also “real” mashed potatoes, coconut or banana cream pie, garlic bread.  Probably why I’m so fat.
  19. What are 5 of your favorite songs?  I love all kinds of music.  It’s hard to pick just 5 songs.  “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes definitely.  “Tragedy” by the Bee Gees, “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger,  “Sad Eyes” by Robert John (yeah I have no idea), “Key Largo” by Bertie Higgins.  Wait I have another!! “The Pina Colada Song” by Rupert Holmes.  I really do like today’s music too!! LOL
  20. What are 5 of your favorite movies?  There are so many!!  I love the 80’s movies.  I was a teen then..so yeah.  Let’s see…. “Tombstone” is definitely my most fave.  Anything with Sandra Bullock in it.  “Dirty Dancing,” “Top Gun,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Steel Magnolias,” “Ten Things I Hate About You.”  OK so there are more than five…lol
  21. What are 5 of your favorite non-reality TV shows?  “Supernatural,” “Elementary,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” (in love with Deeks!!), “Scorpion,” “Spongebob!!”
  22. Who are 5 of your favorite actors?  Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant (he’s so hot!!), Robert Downey Jr., Thor…ummmm…I mean Chris Hemsworth! lol
  23. Who are 5 of your favorite actresses?  Sandra Bullock, Helen Hunt (have always loved her), Kate Hudson, Julia Stiles, Debra Messing.
  24. What are 5 of your favorite girl names?  Stephanie, Megan, Autumn, Bethany, Samantha.
  25. What are 5 of your favorite boy names?  Dominic, Benjamin, Sebastian, Reed, Scott
  26. What is your favorite season?  I love Autumn days & Summer nights.
  27. What is your favorite Holiday?  Christmas
  28. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Ireland.  I have always wanted to go there.
  29. Do you believe in soulmates?  Yes, but I think that only a few ever really find them.
  30. Do you believe in love at first sight?  Not sure.  I believe in lust or infatuation at first sight.
  31. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Definitely an introvert.  I used to want to be an extrovert like my friends, but just couldn’t pull it off.
  32. Do you believe in reincarnation/past lives?  Yes.  It makes a lot more sense then just getting one try to “get it right.”  Besides, I think it would be cool to be able to come back & start over.  Though I would want the same family I have now…which probably wouldn’t happen.  I have read a lot of books about this.  You never know.
  33. Do you believe there is something after death?  I prefer to believe that yes there is something after death.  Nobody really knows until you die though.
  34. Do you believe in ghosts?  Yes.  I don’t understand why they decided to stay around here instead of moving on though.
  35. What are your hobbies?  Genealogy, reading, watching TV/movies, listening to music, crossword/logic puzzles, Astrology, going to the mountains for picnics in the Summer, antiques, “Old Hollywood,” wandering around cemeteries.
  36. Who are 5 of your favorite authors?  Kresley Cole, Jacquelyn Frank, Christine Feehan, Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz
  37. What kinds of books do you like to read?  I love all kinds of books!!  Paranormal romance, biographies & autobiographies, Historical romance, Self-Help..just whatever looks or sounds good!!:)
  38. What kinds of magazines do you read?  People, OK, Woman’s World, 
  39. Do you have a best friend (s)?  I used to have a couple of more, but right at this moment I have MAYBE 2.  It’s a sad thing..become an adult & people go their own ways.
  40. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?  Margaritas, Hurricanes & Screwdrivers.
  41. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Used to be Mt. Dew, then switched to Diet Dr. Pepper..so that & Rockstar Recovery (Orange).
  42. What are 5 of your favorite internet sites?  Facebook, Tagged, Ancestry, Findagrave, now a toss up between GSN & Mydeathspace. lol
  43. Do you like to exercise?  If I liked to exercise, I wouldn’t look like this.  But working on that as well.  Wish me luck!!
  44. Do you like to clean?  Hell no!!  I like it AFTER it’s clean, but not before or during.
  45. Do you play video games?  I used to love playing Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, etc!!  Now I can’t play with my kids on their game systems, because I get motion sickness!!  Seriously!! lol
  46. What 5 things are you most afraid of?  Death, sickness, getting old, being alone, spiders!!
  47. What are 5 of your favorite board games?  Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry, and I’m drawing a blank. lol
  48. What other games do you like to play?  Scattergories, Uno, Phase 10, Contract Rummy, Yahtzee, Spades, Hearts, Solitaire.
  49. Do you think you’re attractive?  Sometimes I think I’m OK looking…but have a serious issue with my weight & self-esteem.  It goes way back. I think I’m more attractive now than when I was younger, but definitely not one of the “beautiful people.”  Maybe next time around.
  50. What is your “type?”  I try to have an open mind, because you may miss out on something great while you’re looking for a certain “look.”  I do like guys who are taller than me usually, younger (but not too much younger…my last boyfriend was 14 years younger than me…he cured me of that “type”), someone with a nice smile, who is funny, kinda chubby, who is loyal, honest, who isn’t looking for a “sugarmamma.”  He would be sorely disappointed if he was looking for that with me!! 🙂