I have been sick for the past couple of weeks. Maybe longer than that but with other things such as Fibromyalgia, Restless Legs Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Depression, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Obesity.  I guess you can’t really be “sick” with obesity, but I know that that causes a lot of my other issues.  A couple of weeks ago, (this may be too much info, but will keep it short) I started having some “female issues.”  I thought it was probably “just” a yeast infection or another bout with Bacterial Vaginosis.  I know that those things are “common” & that a lot of women go thru it, but I find it disgusting & it makes me feel disgusting.  I absolutely hate it. I usually don’t go to the doctor, because she usually just blows me off or tells me to try this or try that. But this was BAD. Totally red, sore, burning, itching.  I could barely sit down. Peeing was absolutely horrible. So I called the doctor’s office & they told me it would be better if I waited until the next afternoon to see my regular doctor.  Me, being me, said OK. But by later that day, I knew that there was NO WAY I could wait another 24 hours to see someone.  So I called them back & got into see an older male doctor who I have seen before.  They took a urine sample & said that it was positive for a Urinary Tract Infection (which I had never had before).  He wanted to go ahead & examine me anyway, which I was going to insist on if he hadn’t said he was going to. He was actually sympathetic & felt bad that he had to get a sample (the whole pap smear thing) because he could see how sore I was.  Believe me, it was excruciating. He told me that he was going to call in a prescription for an antibiotic & also a vaginal gel.  He also told me to take baths with 4 tablespoons of vinegar in the water.  Well I don’t take baths because I’m big & it’s not exactly easy to do. I usually take showers.  But I went ahead & gave it a try.  Actually it wasn’t so bad. This tub is a little bigger than the one that we had at the house that we used to live in. So I’m taking the antibiotics & using the gel. I start feeling like crap about a week ago. Got this cold from hell. I haven’t had a cold in a long time & this one was bad & kicked my ass. I was in bed for most of last week sleeping as much as I could. I finally started feeling better today. But now I have this cough that’s annoying, my eyes hurt & are watery, I’m still so tired that I just want to sleep.  On top of that, I now have a yeast infection!! I assume from the antibiotics.  I had called the doctor’s office last Thursday to tell them I was done with the course of antibiotics & gel, but that I was still having issues.  They are supposed to call back within 24 hours. Yeah right.  Guess they didn’t think that it was THAT important. Haven’t heard a damn thing.  So I googled home remedies, etc. They say that Apple Cider Vinegar helps keep yeast in check & to put 2 tablespoons in warm water & drink twice a day.  I had some of that, so did drink one glass of it.  I just downed it, because it’s not exactly tasty. Also, I still have some of the gel left, so will use that at night & use some yeast cream during the day.  I hope that clears it all up.  Because I feel nasty & disgusting. I hurt, I don’t feel good anyway & I just want to feel better.  I want my va jay jay to feel “normal” as well.  It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, because I don’t feel like having sex for a long time.  I don’t feel sexual AT ALL. I feel old, fat & just blah. I need to take better care of myself, eat low carb, lose this weight, take vitamins…SOMETHING. A lot of things definitely have to change this year.  Tired of feeling like I do.