Well it’s hunting season again.  I don’t hunt, but my mom does.  It might be her last year doing it though she said.  She will be 67 next month & she just doesn’t feel good a lot of the time..:(  We haven’t really even seen anything, which is crazy.  There are some nice bucks at the cemetery, but you’re not allowed to shoot them there. lol  They know it too!! Probably why they stay there.  I haven’t been much help the past couple of days though.  I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m tired, cold & just feel blah.  So I slept a lot..which is kinda ridiculous.  When someone else is driving, I seem to just pass out.  I AM really tired these days though.  Think it’s because sleeping at night sucks for me.  I can’t stay asleep.  I just don’t get good sleep, so I ‘m tired during the day.
My niece Justine is pregnant & due on March 9th.  She has son, Maximus, who is 20 months old.  She said this baby wasn’t moving as much as Max had been.  She had an ultrasound the other day (20 weeks).  The doctor called her last night  told her that he is referring her to a high risk pregnancy doctor in Colorado Springs.:(  He said that her amniotic fluid is low.  Also that there are normally 3 “veins” in the umbilical cord & she only has 2, which could mean that the baby will have kidney and/or heart problems or be stillborn.;(  We couldn’t find out the sex of the baby, because he/she is facing Justine’s back & is also breech at the moment.  I hope that they will both be OK!  Please say a prayer for them if you would.
My youngest son, Matthew, has put up with some bullying the past couple of years at school.  I have told the principal numerous times, but he just kinda blows it off & says “we don’t tolerate that here.”  Well, clearly ya do considering it hasn’t stopped.  He had joined the football team this year, so I think that helped a little.  Anyway, he went to the Fall dance last Thursday night.  This kid, Chase, wouldn’t leave him alone.  Kept saying things like “You’re a wimp, you need your friends to stick up for you,” etc.  Matthew tried talking calmly to him & telling him to chill out, but he kept at it. He decided he wanted to fight Matthew & Matthew told him that he didn’t want to fight him & that he wouldn’t beat him (Matthew) in a fight anyway.  Anyway, they ended up outside right when the dance was over.  So there are kids outside (I have no idea where the adults were at this time).  Chase shoved Matthew, so there was some pushing & shoving going on.  Then Chase put up his fists. Matthew said he felt threatened, so he punched him in the nose.  I guess there was blood everywhere.  The principal had Matthew call me.  So I get down there & he’s telling them that he didn’t have to call their parents, that they’re in 7th grade now & he could just call the cops because it’s assault.  That it better not happen again.  They were both suspended.  Just for two days..yesterday & today.  I didn’t punish him, because he was sticking up for himself & had had enough.  It takes a lot to get Matthew THAT pissed off.  I don’t know if it will make it better or worse for him at school, but guess we’ll see.  I hope it’s not worse.