How can you describe physical pain to someone else?  When a doctor, friend or family member asks you to describe the pain you’re in? Is it sharp, dull, shooting, cramping or any other of the numerous adjectives they can come up with?  Pain is different for everyone.  Some people have a high tolerance for pain.  I’m not one of them.  When it comes to a headache or stomach pain for me…I can’t function.  Right at this second, I’m laying here on my bed trying to focus on this instead of the horrible stomach pain I’m experiencing.  If it was a headache, I would just have to lay here, try not to cry (just makes it worse) & try to sleep it away. I can’t seem to do that with this pain.  I’m assuming that I’ve been in menopause for awhile now since I haven’t had my period since January 2015.  Yet I regularly have what I call “period cramps.” A cramping, painful feeling in my lower abdomen.  It did come & go, but is now pretty much always there. I can sometimes just ignore it when it’s “just” a dull ache.  I have told my doctor about it numerous times & she doesn’t seem all that concerned.  Within the last month or so, it has gotten A LOT worse.  So bad than I just need to stay laying down.  If I eat anything & sometimes if I drink anything, it will hurt so bad that I can barely function & spend some of the time crying. The past couple of days has been so horrible that I wonder at times if I should go to the ER.  But I just don’t think they could do anything for me.  I was in there a couple of weeks ago with pretty much the same thing.  They did some blood work & a CAT scan.  They didn’t find anything that should be causing my pain.  My right ovary has been taken out years ago because of a cyst, my gallbladder & appendix are out. I had an infection in my fallopian tubes in June 2006 that KINDA felt like this.  But my last blood work didn’t show my white cell count being high, so can rule out infection. I have a small hernia in my stomach, but they said “it’s fine” & shouldn’t be causing any pain.  They also said a few years ago that I have a cyst on my left ovary now, but again, she didn’t seem too concerned.  Could that be what’s bothering me? Wouldn’t they see that on the previous CAT scan if it was?  On top of that, I’m nauseous & have thrown up a few times since yesterday & I’m having problems going to the bathroom. I don’t know what the hell to do. I do know that I can’t go on hurting like this.