I’m a little upset at the moment.  I had written this huge intro…and then LOST it!!!  I don’t even know if I will write the whole thing again…I’m just totally annoyed at the moment.LOL  Gotta laugh at these things or you will cry.  It didn’t save it either. Oh well. 

I just turned 47  on August 31st.  I like reading, listening to all kinds of music, watching TV/movies, genealogy, antiques, cemeteries, Old Hollywood, astrology, being in the mountains, sunsets, thunderstorms, rain, surfing the net. I’m an introvert, sarcastic, funny (in my opinion), nice (most of the time) & overweight.  I have been on a low carb diet since July 13th.  I have cheated some, but am losing weight, so am good with that. Need to do it for my health, but also because I want to look better, feel better & be able to wear some “cool” clothes before I’m too damn old. Also would like attention from guys. Though I don’t need or want a relationship & not even sure about sex anymore.  Oh, another thing..I’m pretty honest & straightforward. LOL  Just a warning.  I was a teenager of the 80’s.  I love neon pink, neon green…basically anything neon!! I miss Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston.

I was married from 1997 – 2010.  Though he left me for someone he met on-line in August 2009.  Some pretty horrible years for me & the kids for sure. Finally past all of that.  My ex (David) &  I are now friends for the most part,though we can’t get along for very long. We have 3 sons together.  Phillip is 18, Dominic is 14 & Matthew is 12. They live with me.  I wasn’t going to use anyone’s real names, but I would get totally confused if  I didn’t.LOL So hopefully nobody from my small ass town reads this including family members because some will be about them!! LOL  I’ll talk about them in later posts.

I have the following medical conditions (hopefully losing weight will get rid of most of them): PTSD (so a therapist I was seeing said) from some things that happened in my childhood, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder (recently diagnosed…I knew there was something wrong with me for years….just didn’t know what it was).  It’s hard to explain, so I will in later posts. I also have sleep apnea, depression & anxiety (I take Effexor for..don’t ever miss 1-2 doses of that! Major side effects).  I have RLS (restless legs syndrome) which I take Mirapex for (a drug also used for Parkinson’s patients).  It really helps me & I’m thankful. I have high blood pressure (I take a diuretic), was recently diagnosed with diabetes. 😦  So a lot going on.   I’m on disability & have been for 25+ years. I won’t discuss anything having to do with that. I have worked some over the years. Most recently as a cashier at Wal Mart.  I actually liked it.  But had to quit in January 2014 due to health issues. The kids & I are broke a lot. We live on disability & child support.  Don’t judge. We don’t qualify for anything such as food stamps.  It makes it hard, but we manage.

OK!!! That’s it for now. 



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